Professional Development

Professional Development Hours (PDH)

If you are interested in receiving Professional Development Hours (PDH) for time spent at the conference, follow these three steps:

Step 1

Log your attendance

Attendees must complete an online attendance form for each conference day you are requesting PDH. This is an ISBE requirement. Online attendance forms will only be open ON THE DAY of the conference, during the last session of each day.  Forms will not be available prior to the last session of the day nor after midnight the date of attendance. You must include your IEIN number when logging attendance. This can be found at:

Wednesday, Nov. 15 Attendance Log:

Thursday, Nov. 16 Attendance:

Friday, Nov. 17 Attendance:

Be certain to log your hours on the actual day of attendance after the last session is complete, but prior to midnight. You will not be able to log hours at any other time. Variances to this procedure will not be accepted.

Step 2

Complete the online evaluation form

An online evaluation form will be emailed to those who complete the attendance form. The sender will be; please add this address to your Contacts list and/or check your Spam folder if you do not see the email within 24 hours of submission. This evaluation form will only be available for 10 days.

Step 3

Receive your Evidence of Completion form

Once the online evaluation form is submitted, an Evidence of Completion form will be sent to you via email. Again, the sender will be