What to expect at IETC



Thursday Keynote

Dr. Micah Shippee

Dr. Micah Shippee is an innovative ‘ideas’ person who thinks outside the box. Micah wears many hats as a Middle School Social Studies teacher, a technology trainer, and professor. He regularly explores ways to improve motivation in the classroom and leverages emergent technology to achieve educational goals. Very early in his career, Micah discovered the secret to increased student motivation, a more productive learning environment, a better fit for future job preparedness, all while achieving his mandated content objectives and goals… the secret? Effective and Efficient Technology Integration.

Micah believes: The training and development of present and future educational practitioners is a key factor in developing citizenship for our increasingly global community. Teaching professionals place great value on collaboration with their colleagues as a means to achieve positive professional growth. In an age of increasingly ubiquitous communication/social technology, we should be looking to create collaborative and reflective atmospheres for teaching professionals available anytime, anywhere. As mentors, trainers, colleagues, and instructors we need to work towards preparing educational practitioners to meet the needs of all of their students by fostering an environment of open exchange focused on sharing experiential knowledge, best practices, and advocating for individual ownership in professional growth.


Joy Kirr

Keynote Friday

Joy Kirr is the author of Shift This! How to Implement Gradual Changes for Massive Impact in Your Classroom, but she is a 7th grade ELA teacher first. She’s in her 25th year of teaching, and it is truly her passion. As she does not have children of her own, every year she takes her 90 12-year-olds under her wing. Joy is passionate about students owning their own learning, and has even gone so far as to be the first at her school to try learning without using marks. She enjoys being known as a “Genius Hour Evangelist,” and is grateful for how her students have stepped up their learning while giving and receiving feedback in lieu of grades.


Julie Smith

Friday Keynote

Julie has been teaching media literacy and media-related classes at the university level since 1997. She holds her B.A. in Public Relations from the University of Tulsa and her M.S. in Mass Communication from Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville. Julie is currently on the faculty at Webster University in St Louis.

She is the author of “Master the Media: How Teaching Media Literacy Can Save Our Plugged-In World” and over the last three years has traveled all over the world helping teachers and parents with media literacy, digital citizenship, classroom engagement and social media. Julie is currently working on a book advocating for more engagement in the college classroom.

Julie is on the Leadership Council of the National Association for Media Literacy and the Executive Board for the Gateway Media Literacy Project.


Michael Matera

Friday Keynote

Michael’s passion centers around bringing joy to the lives of those around him. From creating an immersive and empowering learning environment in his classroom to running engaging and inspiring professional development by bringing joy to those spaces help make the world better. As an educator, he has had the pleasure to connect with students on a daily bases and loves the joy that is infused in his week because of it. Treating each new day as a new opportunity to connect, teach, and change their trajectory for the better. Find joy in your journey.

Featured Speakers


Shawn McCusker

Featured Speaker

Shawn McCusker has 25 years of experience as a middle school and high school teacher. He has taught in public, private and alternative schools. In 2006, he was recognized as a finalist for the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching. He earned his B.A. in history from Northern Illinois University and an M.A. in Educational Leadership from Concordia University, Chicago. On Twitter, (@ShawnMcCusker) Shawn is was the longtime co-leader of#sschat, an online social studies community, and the creator of #1to1techat, which conducts discussions of effective leadership and teaching practices for 1:1 programs. He was also an organizer of both EdCampChicago and EdCampSocialStudies.

Shawn loves to work across the country as a digital learning consultant helping others to learn how technology can help them to better express learning creatively, overcome their students’ obstacles and connect them with the world.


Jennifer Leban

Featured Speaker

Mrs. Leban teaches Creative Technology classes at Sandburg Middle School. Previously, she was an art teacher – for 13 years! So art + technology = my jam.

In 2014, she earned her Technology Specialist Endorsement and my Computer Applications endorsement from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is a Google Certified Educator (Level 2), an Apple Teacher, and an education ambassador for WeVideo. Using green screen/color keying in creative ways is one of my favorite things to do!

In summer 2018, she was accepted into the Google Certified Innovator #LAX18 cohort, and in October 2018, she earned my Google Certified Trainer badge! My Innovator project is called ResetEDU, which is a YouTube channel where she helps teachers get excited about and find fun in teaching!


Terence White

Featured Speaker

Terence is a 7th Grade science teacher at Jeffery C. Still Middle School in Aurora, Illinois. In his 8th year of teaching, Terence is extremely passionate about equity, technology and instilling the love of learning in his students. As a Certified Google Educator and Innovator, Terence continues to empower his student through student voice and his new Magnify Student Podcast Series.


Bob Dillon

Featured Speaker

Dr. Robert Dillon has served as an educational leader throughout the Saint Louis area over the last twenty years as a teacher, principal, and director of innovation. Dr. Dillon has a passion to change the educational landscape by building excellent engaging schools for all students. Dr. Dillon has had the opportunity to speak throughout the country at local, state, and national conferences as well as share his thoughts and ideas in a variety of publications. He is the author of four books on best practices in learning.


PJ Caposey

Featured Speaker

PJ Caposey has had a wide range of educational experiences throughout his career. Mr. Caposey’s educational career began by receiving the Golden Apple Scholarship in high school which supports students to pursue their dream to teach by providing scholarship money and training in return for a commitment to teach in a need-based area. Mr. Caposey did just that after completing his studies at Eastern Illinois University by teaching at Percy Lavon Julian High School in the inner-city of Chicago. After completing his administrative certification at National Louis University, Mr. Caposey served as an Assistant Principal in Rockford Public Schools before becoming the principal Oregon High School at the age of 28. After arriving at Oregon High School, Mr. Caposey and the school have received many honors.


Carrie Baughcum

Featured Speaker

Carrie is a mother, wife, woman, Special Education teacher, gamifier, sketchnoter and creater.. holy wow! Right?! And today she is the proud editor in chief, founder, CEO, writer, head designer, and lets doodle all the things of carriebaughcum.com and youtube.com/carriebaughcum … yes! you totally read that right!

Today Carrie doodles, creates, shares, vlogs, and tweets about motherhood, life, learning, creating and teaching in ways I never could have not even imagined!!